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Virtual Event APJC 2020

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On-Demand Day 1 - Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

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Watch individual Cisco Live APJC sessions On-Demand

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Featured sessions

“We are committed to partnering with you on what you aspire to do most, and helping you address what challenges you most."

Miyuki Suzuki
President, Cisco, Asia Pacific, Japan and China

Cisco Multicloud: The How!

Presenter: Chris Gascoigne, Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco
Demo: Greg Scarlett, Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco

Security Simplified, Introducing Cisco SecureX

Presenter: Jatin Sachdeva, Multi-Domain Security Architect, Cisco Global Security Architecture Team, Cisco

Learn how you can manage and optimise your cloud including Greg Scarlett's Next Generation Management with Intersight Demo.

Cisco SecureX is Cisco's integrated security portfolio that you can connect to your existing infrastructure for a consistent experience that unifies visibility, enables automation, and strengthens your security across network, endpoints, cloud, and applications. Featuring insights into workplace segmentation and Cisco Identity Services Engine.

Presenter: Dave Malik, Fellow and Chief Architect, Customer Experience, (CX), Cisco

As digital transformation is at the forefront in enabling applications to run anywhere, a cloud mindset is necessary to simplify how we build, manage and operate the infrastructure to keep up with the demand. Automation and Orchestration is essential to leverage for common tasks and workflows that are enabled on a programmable network. A DevOps toolchain is important to leverage modern tools such as Network Services Orchestration, Ansible, Business Process Automation, etc. This session will provide a view into the Automation framework, tools required to get started, how to orchestrate workflows across a multi-domain environment and drive simplicity to reduce OPEX. Emerging concepts relating maintaining reliability of services will also be discussed. Practical examples across Enterprise and Service Provider segments will reveal practical implementations and best practices from the Customer Experience team on how Automation frameworks are put into action.

Automation and Orchestration Strategies for Intelligent Networking